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I would would like to meet my surgeon before surgery. Is this possible?

We insist on it! The relationship of trust between the surgeon and you is fundamental to your care. From your perspective, you need to establish confidence in your surgeon, and have the opportunity to ask him or her questions. You will then know who will be performing your procedure, and who you will see for your aftercare. Your surgeon also needs to meet you at an early stage so they can assess your symptoms and expectations, and go through your records in detail s part of the planning process.

How long is my appointment?

Your appointment will be with your surgeon, and a team of support specialists, and will last between 30 and 90 minutes.

What is the time gap between my first eye and second eye procedure?

If you are having a laser treatment, it is fairly normal to have both eyes treated on the same day. For cataract and refractive lens surgery, there should be a gap between both procedures, which is normally 1-2 weeks, depending on your work commitments.

How much time off work will I need?

This depends on how quickly you recover, and the nature of your work. On average people are off work for a few days. So if you have an eye operation on Wednesday, we would expect you to feel ready to return to work the following Monday.

How much does it cost?

Cataract surgery is £2,500 per eye.Refractive multifocal surgery is £3200-3900 per eye

When will I be able to see properly?

Vision is blurred for the first 24-48 hours due to a combination of the dilating drops, the bright light of the operating microscope and the antibiotic ointment. 20/20 vision is normally achieved by the 2nd or 3rd day after your operation.

How long will the lens implants last?

There is research available that shows lens will last for at least 30 years. It is likely that they will last much longer than this but there is no data available beyond 30 years as this was when the first lens implants were carried out.

How will I manage in between the first eye being operated on, and the second eye surgery?

After surgery on the first eye we recommend you stop using spectacles / contact lenses. Your brain will adjust to the new vision in the treated eye quite quickly. Most patients find the time between eye surgeries is well tolerated – they manage reasonably well with one treated eye. However, there is a noticeable further improvement after both eyes undergo treatment.

Will I meet my surgeon at the first consultation?

Yes, we believe this is essential to your care. You will have a minimum of 40 minutes with your surgeon at the first consultation.

Will my own surgeon be available to see me after surgery if there are any problems?

Yes, your own surgeon will always be available to you, either on the phone or in person.