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The final results exceeded my expectations. This was a surprise as I had worn glasses for 35 years. Ben, Livingston

Coming to Hospital

Everyone is different and how you prepare for your visit will depend upon the treatment you require. We will send you specific information relating to your procedure, treatment or investigation when we confirm your appointment details. Most of our ophthalmic treatments are carried out as day procedures, this means you will arrive into the hospital on the day of your procedure and will return home a few hours after treatment, with no need to stay overnight.

If you have any concerns or queries, please call our outpatient nursing team on 0131 654 5650 who will be happy to help.

We ask you to bring the following items with you:

  • dressing gown
  • any current medication
  • books or magazines
  • If you wish, you are welcome to bring a battery-operated personal music player e.g. mp3. 

We ask you not to bring valuables, jewellery or large amounts of money with you.

Going home

We will let you know the approximate time that you'll be ready to leave Shawfair Park Hospital. You should make arrangements for a friend or family member to accompany you home as you will not be able to drive after eye surgery. Your consultant will give you specific instructions to follow at home, and arrange any follow-up appointments that may be required. You will probably have antibiotic drops to help with your recovery, these will be given to you before you go home.

If possible, you may want to arrange for someone to look after you for a day or two following your treatment.

When you're back at home, you should:

  • relax and rest as much as possible
  • take any drugs exactly as your consultant has prescribed
  • follow your discharge advice exactly as prescribed - this will include details on what to eat and when you can begin activities again such as driving and lifting heavy shopping