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Making An Appointment

You do not need a GP referral to be seen by an ophthalmologist privately.

Step one:

If you have private medical insurance, you may be able to request that treatment is covered by your insurance company. If you do have private medical cover, call your insurance company to check whether they will cover your consultation and / or treatment.

Step two:

Whilst you do not need a GP or Optician referral, some people would prefer to visit their GP prior to making an appointment. If you have a GP referral, your GP will send this to the hospital directly. You will then receive a call to arrange a time for your initial consultation.

If you do not have a GP or Optician referral, call our appointments team on 0131 316 2530 and request an appointment with the Consultant of your choice. You will be asked to provide details such as your name, address, GP, date of birth and to provide credit card details. Payment will not be taken from this care but may be charged in the event of failing to turn up for an appointment without notice.

Step three:

Removal of Contact Lenses Prior to Laser surgery assessment :

The removal of lenses is highly important as they distort the front surface of the cornea. During assessment, measurements of the corneal thickness and front surface topography / shape are taken, both of which can be greatly altered by contact lens wear. Measurements assist the decision on treatment procedure and are crucial for the calculations required for your optimum vision. In order for our measurements to be accurate it is essential that you follow these guidelines both prior to your assessment and surgery itself. Should lenses have been worn prior to either of these appointments it is highly likely that you have to return for a consultation to repeat the scans accurately.

Outpatients initial assessment :

Soft lenses: 1 week

Soft Toric or Extended Wear :  1 week minimum ( may have to be more depending on scan)

Gas permeable lenses : 2 weeks( may have to be more depending on scan)

Step four:

Attending your initial consultation. Most people are quite nervous about their first consultation. Try not to worry, our consultants and nurses are very experienced and will put you at ease. Your consultation will last approximately 45 minutes. Your consultant will talk through your symptoms, treatment options and may take some simple measurements to assess you for suitable treatments.

Step five:

Following this consultation you will leave with a good idea of the treatment you require. Your consultant will also send you a summary letter of your meeting, recommended treatment and costs for proceeding with treatment. It is completely up to you if you wish to proceed with follow up consultations or treatment.